We share a passion for agriculture, our products and the environment.



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Significantly increasing crop yields, while using up to 50% less water and 70% fewer fertilizers

By listening to growth roots, our systems continuously analyze plants needs, and automatically meet them. Providing optimal growth conditions at all times results in a healthier plant that produces more, using significantly less resources.

AutoAgronom’s patented technology is the only system that:
1. Calculates available oxygen in the root zone
2. Automatically meets growth needs as they develop
3. Achieves unparalleled economic and environmental results

Furthermore, AutoAgronom offers a unique leasing model in which irrigation and fertilization are offered as a service, reducing growers' risks, and assisting in their annual monetary management.

Global Food Security

Global food security is one of today’s most pressing issues for growing populations. Not only is water a critical resource, but excessive use of fertilizers also pollutes aquifers and further reduces water availability. Additionally, while changing climate conditions disrupt crop yields, inefficient irrigation and fertilization (fertigation) decrease productivity and do not fulfill crops’ genetic potential. These concerns present an urgent need for efficient fertigation that maximizes yields. AutoAgronom answers that need.

Environment & Sustainability

We are dedicated to helping farmers grow more with less. Our commitment is to significantly improve efficiencies of water and fertilizer usage for the protection of our environment. Our goal is to measurably increase farmers' productivity and crop yields, and strengthen their operations. We aim to empower local communities and assist in delivering global food security.

AutoAgronom's team combines significant industry experience and expertise with an innovative and strategic approach. We share a passion for agriculture, our products and the environment.

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