We share a passion for agriculture, our products and the environment.



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About Us

Welcome to Award Winning AutoAgronom India

AutoAgronom's team combines significant industry experience and expertise with an innovative and strategic approach. We share a passion for agriculture, our products and the environment.

AutoAgronom was established in 2008. AutoAgronom’s advanced drip irrigation system “listens to the roots” Succeeded in creating the next revolution of irrigation and fertilization . We have calibration with our big partner in China, Yuanda Goup, that is a diversified high-tech founded in 1993, with sales and services network in more than 140 countries.


AutoAgronom's development and success can be attributed to a unique intersection of skills. Our staff and advisors include experts in cutting edge Fuzzy Logic technology, leading agronomic specialists and researchers, seasoned farmers, and innovative strategists. To learn more, and join us on our journey to sustainability, please Contact Us.

AutoAgronom is a part of the CNYD ShenyangnYuanda Group. Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group is a large-scale international firm mainly composed of Yuanda China Holdings Limited, Shenyang Brilliant Elevator CO Ltd, Shenyang Yuanda Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd, engaging in construction curtain wall, elevator manufacture, motor manufacture, wind power generation, prefabricated house, system windows & doors, environmental engineering and prefabricated houses. Its head office is located at the base of the equipment manufacture city Shenyang.

Some Awards

World's largest start up accelerator (Finalist)

Mass Challenge(US, 2014)
International gold star for quality

Sustainable Water Industry Group Awards

SWIG awards are given to extraordinary projects promoting sustainable water use.

SWIG (UK, 2011)
Global Ideas winner (1stplace).

CleantechOpen(US) is the biggest Cleantech accelerator in the US.

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