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Our sustainable optimized agriculture technology reduces growers’ risks and resolves the constant debate of when and how much to fertigate by communicating with the growth roots. By measuring physical and chemical changes in the root zone, our breakthrough technology analyses plants’ needs as they develop, and automatically delivers optimal levels of oxygen, water and nutrients.

Innovation in Action

imageAutoagronom's systems sample and monitor, in real-time, the chemical and physical changes in the upper levels of the root zone. Using various sensors (tensiometers, oxygen, pH and conductivity, and Nitrate calculations) each system collects data from the soil; performs computerized analysis; and, by utilizing fuzzy-control algorithms, automatically activates irrigation and fertilization.

The use of ultra-low drip systems with numerous daily pulse irrigation intervals creates a wet area in the soil and capilary movement of the water. Moreover, oxygen levels in the soil are kept high, enabling optimal conditions in the root zone. This is achieved only by an advanced fertigation method , using the same (but less) water and fertilizer the grower uses.

Our services to our partner growers include optimizing hydraulic designs; turn-key project management; on-site and on-line agronomic monitoring capabilities; and 24/7 technical support, all based on many years of experience and agronomic know how. The results speak for themselves, with a significant increase in crop yields (up to 30%), and sustainable farming (reducing up to 50% water and 70% fertilizer). Please contact us for additional information.

Research & Development

Our competitive advantage derives from a unique fertigation technology and application which were developed over 10 years of intensive research and development. We hold two registered patents for irrigation according to root needs, and availability of dissolved oxygen to the roots.

Some Results

Case Studies

WOur systems were successfully deployed and tested on 70 different crop types on over 2500 acers of open fields and green houses, consistently providing unprecedented results.

Our systems were successfuly installed and tested on over 70 different types of crops in open fields and green houses and in multiple international locations, and have been providing unprecedented results. The following chart shows data that was collected from our clients.

Here are some examples of Selected Projects & Results

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Real-time “dialog” with growth roots

  1. Calculations of dissolved oxygen availability to the roots (Patented)
  2. Highly sensitive Tensiometer
  3. Automatic soil solution sampling system including roots trap with measuring: EC (electric conductivity), pH and Nitrate (NO3) sensors.

Real-time decision making

  1. Avoiding crop stress using special algorithms depending on oxygen availability
  2. Remote monitoring of fertigation control to streamline experts work in multiple remote locations

Prevention of salinity

  1. Capillarity movement of water & exact fertilizer dosage
  2. Salinity rinsing when needed by specia algorithm
  3. Can use of higher level of salinity in the irrigated water
  4. Climate control in green houses

Key Benefits of AutoAgronom

Save upto 50%

Save upto 70%

Increase upto 15%

Minimize aquifer contaminiation
Minimum drainage

Protect to the rootsin extreme climate conditions

Any type of Crop, Growth, Substrate & Climate.